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We're sharing everything we've learned about dog food with you in this extensive guide. Seriously - you aren't going to find a more in-depth look into the history, the ins and outs of understanding dog food labels (including those sneaky tricks some companies will try to play on you), and amazing benefits of fresh food for your pup anywhere else.

If you want to ensure that your pup lives a long, healthy and satisfying life by eating high quality dog food, this is the guide for you. Enter your email and we will send you the book for free.

Whats InsideAuthor

Whats Inside

  • Chapter 1: Dog Food - A History Lesson
  • Chapter 2: Shopping Basics - How to Read an Ingredient Label
  • Chapter 3: Shopping Basics - How to Decode the Guaranteed Analysis
  • Chapter 4: Expert Tips on How to Compare Dog Foods
  • Chapter 5: Why Feed Fresh Food
  • Chapter 6: Why Sous-Vide is The Most Nutritious Way to Cook Food
  • Chapter 7 (BONUS): Fresh Food Recipes For Your Pup


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About The Authors

If you're like us, you love your dog like a family member and want to give them the absolute best life. Once we learned about the by-products, rendered meats, fillers and chemicals that go into commercial dog food brands, we were deeply disturbed. What we believed to be healthy food for our pup Lola turned out to be overly processed junk. 

We told ourselves we could do better. So we partnered up with a veterinarian nutritionist to create a new standard of dog food called Grocery Pup.

By using human-grade ingredients, making our food in a USDA human food facility, and cooking the dog food souse-vide style, we made the most nutrient rich and tastiest food for your pup. We hope your dog enjoys it as much as our dear Lola does. 

Peace, Love and Drool,
Ruth Marriott, Co-Founder
Javier A. Marriott, Co-Founder  
Lola Marriott– Chief Office Pup & Taster

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